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Luck of the Irish?

I’ve always said that if it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all.  Unfortunately we seem to have mixed luck today…St. Patricks Day.  It’s never been a big holiday for me…I mean I’m not Irish!  Although if you ask LoveBug she “totally is!”  When I was teaching it was a fun but exhausting day…leprechaun visits, secret notes from the leprechaun, rainbow colored treats, green milk…you know – the usual.

Normally the day passes without much effort on my part.  My father in law (who is absolutely Irish) has convinced the Bugs that they are IRISH.  They embrace the day completely!  My FIL and not to be left out mother in law always supply the Bugs with festive shirts, shamrock tattoos, beads, etc.  This year was no exception!

Unfortunately today Bug is home sick with Strep (bad luck)…bleh!  He’s still wearing his Awesome Irish shirt and he even wore his leprechaun sunglasses…that pot of gold is BRIGHT you know!  That’s as far as his celebration went today although I’m sure he’ll perk up when his Pop (my fil) and Grammy (mil) get here for dinner.  Yep this year I’m in charge of the dinner:  corned beef and cabbage, parsley potatoes, etc.  There seemed to be mixed information about having carrots or no carrots.  Something about the color orange and Irish catholics?!?  I’m not either one so not totally sure about that one.  Not everyone likes corned beef so I also made a sweet/spicy pork loin roast.  I did my research and good Lord I HOPE I did it all correctly!  I’m not sure what the dessert is supposed to be but I went to green:  green pistachio gelato.

2014-03-17 04.09.23Good Luck:  Loving family to share the night with!

Happy Birthday to my Bug

My Bug turned 7 today.  His blue eyes, quick smile and kind spirit warm my heart daily.  He is 100% all boy – active, dirty, gross… but he is also the most thoughtful and loving spirit.  I can’t believe he is 7 years old!  1st grade!  He is growing into such a nice boy.  He treats his friends like gold, spreads his kindness to everyone around him and still remembers to hug & kiss his momma ❤

2014-03-13 05.12.59

We celebrated his birthday like we do all birthdays in our family:  favorite dinner with everyone in the family.  Bug of course chose TACOS and entertained us all with his stories.  J surprised Bug with Star Wars Legos…and the promise to watch the movies.  Score big points for Daddy!  I found captain America tank and briefs…with a mask!  How could I NOT buy that costume for the Bug?  I think my find was a hit too…What do you think?

2014-03-13 05.55.46 2014-03-13 05.55.56

His best friend is G…not his grandfather but another 1st grader! 🙂  If he doesn’t have a playdate with G every couple days he totally goes into withdrawal.  G introduced Bug to MineCraft and the song “What does the fox say.”  They play games, run around, yell and carry on together…and it’s wonder*full!

Of course he wanted to celebrate his birthday with G.  He chose to also ask his friend Q to play at a local fun spot:  Ballocity.  Because he is so sweet he included his sister and G’s sister too.  They had so much fun running and playing for a couple hours, eating pizza and cupcakes.  Super Fun for a Super Kid!

photo 3 photo 2


LoveBug is DOUBLE DIGITS…I might need more wine

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago our LoveBug came into this world so uncertainly.  I remember that day so vividly.  It started with rushing, pain, worry, fear…  I remember not being able to stop shaking as they took me in the delivery room, absolutely terrified to be alone even if just for a few minutes.  I don’t remember much from that day.  I remember being relieved to hear her cry (we were told she wouldn’t cry) and I remember J holding my hand.  I remember not being able to stop shaking for quite a while afterwards.  What I remember clearly is the doctor coming to talk with J and me about LoveBug not being able to breathe on her own, or on the respirator and needing to put her on ECMO.  I remember the nurse “buying” us time for me to get in the wheelchair and go to the NICU to see her…just in case…and for the next 10 weeks I spent every moment giving 100% of myself to her.    From day 1 she has touched my life, everyone’s lives, with her amazing heart.  Her unbelievable spunk and sass is the reason she is here and even in those most challenging parenting moments I wouldn’t have her change a single thing ❤

Now, she is double digits (something she enjoys telling us at every opportunity!) and she is growing up into such an amazing and special young lady.  She warms my heart every day and continues to make me smile.  She is smart, determined, clever, funny, kind, compassionate, energized and spectacular.  I am so incredibly proud of the person she is becoming…even if the process comes with a few headaches 🙂  My love for her is never ending, unconditional and I will celebrate her every day!

This year we certainly celebrated in style.   She chose 3 of her closest friends…they were pampered at Sweet & Sassy, rode in a pink limo, ate pizza, were glamourized before a photo shoot at home and ate amazing cupcakes from Kupkake Kouture.  Turning 10 was never so much fun!

2014-03-01 06.46.362014-03-01 03.14.292014-03-01 04.59.252014-03-01 05.06.172014-03-01 05.28.212014-03-01 07.22.192014-03-01 07.19.362014-03-01 22.08.43















Do YOU Pinterest?

Two years ago (gosh was it THAT LONG AGO???) I hosted a Pampered Chef party for my friend Janell. We had so much fun that night…good food, good friends, laughter. At the end of the night Janell showed me this Pinterest thing. I didn’t see the big deal. I mean I remember her going ON and ON about how great it was…”just type something in – like chocolate- and all this great stuff will come up…recipes, projects, you name it.” It looked cool…it did…but not THAT cool. So Janell finished packing her things up, went home and I finished cleaning up from a fun night…then I turned on my computer and accepted the Pinterest invite that Janell had sent to me. I spent the next hour…ok maybe 2…searching, clicking, pinning onto my newly formed boards. I was hooked!  Flash forward to the present:  I’m now the one sending friends invites to Pinterest, Janell is sharing something new with everyone and is loving it, and  I’m still totally addicted to Pinterest and now am trying to figure out how to use it as a social media tool for my business as well (THAT seems to be an elusive tool for me…)  Are YOU a Pinterest addict?  Post below so I can follow you…and click here to follow me!

addicted to pinterest

Do you Pinterest?  I go on to Pinterest less than I used to…and I actually USE what I pin more.  Tonight I’m going to a PInterest party co-hosted by a good friend of mine.  We were asked to bring something yummy to share, found on pinterest obviously.

I’m taking Pumpkin Pesto…I changed the recipe up a little bit.  I used Butternut Squash infused oil in place of 1/2 of the called for olive oil.  I also added cinnamon, nutmeg and a few crushed red pepper flakes.  I would like if it was a bit brighter in color but yum does it tasted good!  I sliced and toasted a multi-grain baguette to use as dippers and will also cut up some celery sticks for a low carb alternative (important for Project Fabulous.)


It was tough to choose what to take…I mean SO MANY choices!  I can’t wait to see what everyone brings to share tonight.  It should be a delicious girls night of fun.  I also can not wait to see what craft/project we will be making…I’ll be sure to post a picture.

What are some of your favorite Pinterest crafts and foods? Have you ever hosted a Pinterest party?  I’m thinking I need to plan my own!  Want to come?

Food for thought…

My Friday night started with a little Percy Jackson (movie with the Bugs), playing Ticket to Ride with J (I won big time the first 2 games then he slaughtered me the next few! boo) Fast forward a couple hours and I’m watching Julie/Julia feeling completely inspired. I mean I have this blog already but I am SO relating to her feelings about approaching 30. Ok so I’m turning 40 but still… The past 12 years have not been easy. I’ve struggled with so much, lost so much of myself, hurt myself and those I love the most. The past year I finally feel like I’ve been turning things around…I’m pretty sure J wishes I would turn them around faster. Truth is so do I. But that’s a whole other post…I digress.

So I’m feeling a little inspired by Julie/Julia and I want to Face Forty Fabulously! Can I do it? What does that even mean?!?!?  Stay tuned to find out!



3*2*1…Blast Off


Growing up I never wanted to be an astronaut.  I didn’t pretend to walk on the moon.  Heck I didn’t even really like that Matthew Broderick movie about the chimps and space…and no I don’t even remember the name of it.  But this past weekend I saw a post on Facebook that there was going to be a rocket launch and it would be visible from my house….and I!  Maybe it was because the past couple years I’ve TRIED to see the August meteor shower and FAILED because of cloudy skies.  I honestly don’t know. But the map said it would be visible around 11:27pm rocket map

and so at 11:25pm I went outside on the deck…J too!…and watched.  The sky was clear and full of stars…beautiful actually.  And then I saw something…I wasn’t sure and then J said he saw it too!  We saw it for a whole 30 seconds maybe but I was thrilled!  I thought about it the rest of the night and woke up the next morning and just thought it was the coolest thing that we had seen it!  It looked similar to this picture that I found…almost like a shooting star  (yes I secretly made a wish on the rocket…I mean it LOOKED like a shooting star! LOL)  I still don’t want to be an astronaut or even go into outer space.  But I do think it’s pretty cool that J and I saw it…and just maybe a wish made on a rocket comes true a little quicker…Did you see the Rocket Launch? Did you make a Rocket wish??



Back to School Success

adam and lizzy first day

Well the first week of 1st and 4th grade was a success!  New teachers, new clothes, new curriculum, new friends…but like every year we took pictures out front and walked to school.  The Bugs barely said goodbye after they found their friends…I’ll admit my heart hurt just a little bit ❤

The first day was a huge success as were the next 3 days.  LoveBug’s favorite part was being able to choose an instrument to play (she’s thinking clarinet) and Bug’s favorite part?  Well Lunch of course!