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Summer Fun Has Begun!

First week of Summer Vacation 2016!  We have BIG plans this summer and we don’t plan on wasting any time! We are starting our summer vacation with a Kids Cooking Camp hosted at our house.  I’ve been hosting Kids Cooking Camps for the past several years and my kiddos look forward to it every year!

This year we started with a Cooking Competition theme.  Day #1 Kid Cook Campers had fun sabotaging the other teams!  Sabotages included:  no talking to partners during cooking time, wearing winter gloves, spinning and squatting before any cooking action!

Cutthroat Kid Cook Campers used a variety of ingredient to make trail mix.  Later in the week they created commercials for their trail mix too!

Their lunch cutthroat challenge was to make foil packet meals.  They worked together in teams to prepare:  Cheesy Potato Fries, Taco Nachos, Shrimp Fajitas and Lemon Chicken!

Day #2 was filled with commercial making (and filming!) and some Chopped Cooking! Kid Cooks were placed in teams (Blue and Orange) for the day.  For the Snack Round the Blue Team made smoothies and the Orange Team made parfaits.  Their secret ingredients were: yogurt, sunflower seeds and banana!

For the lunch round the Blue Team was given alfredo sauce and broccoli and the Orange Team was given pesto and olives.  Both teams created pizzas using their secret ingredients plus pantry ingredients.  They really did a great job and enjoyed eating their creations!

Days #3 and #4 continued the fun with more Chopped and FoodFu competitions. Spaghetti, homemade sauce, garlic bread and more! Delicious and fun!