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Project Fabulous

today is the day

Well once you write it down it becomes real right? Well this is me…writing down the plan for Project Fabulous…making it real… Anyone want to join me in this adventure? Feel free…I’m sure I could use the company! Comment below, send me messages, post your own accomplishments.

So here I go…Making the changes to reach 40 fabulously!  Easy peasy…right?  I mean I do this for other people every day.  Identify problems, challenges and create plans to incorporate healthy habits and personal routines to make goals reality.  And since I’m positively convinced this is of utmost importance to everyone (insert very LARGE sarcastic grin here) I’m creating a public “project.”   I’ll share the ups, downs, adventures, frustrations along the way.  I’m hoping some of you will do the same because this could get very boring very fast! LOL The things I get myself into…

The Project:  Celebrate 40 Fabulously!

The Plan:  Make some changes, learn some new things and embrace fabulous in mind, body & spirit.

The Intentions:  Get physically healthy & fit, get organized at home, reconnect and/or spend more time with friends and family, start using Pinterest instead of just “pinning,” and be fully present in life.

Baby steps…each day I’ll focus on at least one task.  I’ll photo, document, share with all of you…you don’t have to start your own project…it’s ok I’ll do this on my own.  (but if you WANTED to start your own project…if you WANTED to comment here and share…well I wouldn’t be UPSET or anything…LOL)




3*2*1…Blast Off


Growing up I never wanted to be an astronaut.  I didn’t pretend to walk on the moon.  Heck I didn’t even really like that Matthew Broderick movie about the chimps and space…and no I don’t even remember the name of it.  But this past weekend I saw a post on Facebook that there was going to be a rocket launch and it would be visible from my house….and I had.to.see.it!  Maybe it was because the past couple years I’ve TRIED to see the August meteor shower and FAILED because of cloudy skies.  I honestly don’t know. But the map said it would be visible around 11:27pm rocket map

and so at 11:25pm I went outside on the deck…J too!…and watched.  The sky was clear and full of stars…beautiful actually.  And then I saw something…I wasn’t sure and then J said he saw it too!  We saw it for a whole 30 seconds maybe but I was thrilled!  I thought about it the rest of the night and woke up the next morning and just thought it was the coolest thing that we had seen it!  It looked similar to this picture that I found…almost like a shooting star  (yes I secretly made a wish on the rocket…I mean it LOOKED like a shooting star! LOL)  I still don’t want to be an astronaut or even go into outer space.  But I do think it’s pretty cool that J and I saw it…and just maybe a wish made on a rocket comes true a little quicker…Did you see the Rocket Launch? Did you make a Rocket wish??