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First Fabulous Friday

Ok so I’ve started this Project Fabulous…today is Day 13 of 120.  (I still am working on creating some kind of countdown ticker for this….instructions welcome!)  I’ve been trying to determine the best way to keep accountable without EVERY.SINGLE. POST being about Me..Me..ME!  Because THAT would be a literary form of torture would it not?  Sooo….my good idea for the day is that every Friday will now be “Fabulous Friday” with an update summary of what I’ve been doing all week.  There might be posts other days detailing (AGAIN…I’m still trying to figure out if I can write this posts and have them all be on the Project Fabulous page but I can’t seem to figure this out!!  WordPress gurus PLEASE HELP ME!)

So….anyone that knows me knows I like lists and charts.  Maybe the teacher in me?  But I don’t like plain lists with bullets…I like colorful and creative lists.  And I am finding that I REALLY like being organized.  It’s a s-l-o-w process because over the past several years I have become disgustingly DISorganized.  I realize it takes baby steps so this week I referenced my organization task list and tackled THE CAR.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

It was hard to really get pictures of JUST HOW MESSY my car looked.  It was loaded with kids books, action figures, barrettes, receipts and bags and empty water bottles **embarrassed gasp**   So after 2 plastic shopping bags FILLED (1 with just trash! and 1 with the kiddos stuff) I vacuumed – no regular vacuum I’m talking shop-vac , wiped down the leather, the console (HOW does it get so DUSTY???) and now I have a nice clean car…for now.

photo 1
backseat…nothing on floor, nothing in pocket…
photo 2
Odds & Ends bag (LOVE me some 31!) that now hangs between the Bugs in back seat. Anything NOT in this bag at end of each day becomes M-I-N-E…I’m secretly hoping some cool stickers
photo 3
My own special 31 tote – holds tissues, paper towels.
photo 4
my reminder to stay focused on Project Fabulous

Did YOU create an organization task list?  Are you following mine?  What’s YOUR Project?

Mission: Organization

I’d like to think of myself as “creatively organized.”  I’ve got all the resources, the ideas, the tools to be super uber organized.  I teach other people how to organize all sorts of things in their lives.  Key words are “other people…”  MY organization is less…obviously organized.  I’ve always said that I’m very right brained…I brainstorm with clouds and colors.  No bullet points and black pens for me!  That still works for me with some things but scattered piles of color*full…stuff…needs a little more structure.

I tried using electronic planners but they did.not.work.for.me.  Too blah…too whatever.  I like to see color and write with color and see things written out.  Every day/week I add some features to my planner.  This is what this week looks like in my current planner:


I have a column for my business,  a column for Home Tasks (I’m keeping a numbered countdown for Project Fabulous), a column for Personal, for J, for Bug and for LoveBug.  Everyone has their own colors too.  This has been working ok for me but not perfectly.  I have some ideas on how to make my planner work better for me – include more of the things I need to keep track of….  and I need to get REALLY ORGANIZED if I’m going to be fabulous!

The “total organization” is going to take more than just a day…more than just one project.  So stay tuned for multiple organization projects and posts…I’ll document it all because there are bound to be major fails along the way.  With 2 kiddos, a great dane puppy who is quickly outgrowing and getting into EVERYTHING and a husband who has lots of interests…there is a LOT of “stuff” to get organized in this house!

I’ll be working on this schedule if you’d like to accept the mission and join me:

  1. Car Organization  (might seem unnecessary but if you have kids who like to hoard things in the car you will TOTALLY understand the need for this one!)  
  2. Planner Organization
  3. Craft Room Organization
  4. Budget Organization
  5. Laundry Room Organization
  6. Bathroom Organization
  7. Pantry Organization
  8. Kitchen Organization
  9. Living Room Organization
  10. Closet Organization
  11. Bedroom Organization
  12. Basement Organization

Want to join me on this mission?  Comment below, follow the posts and share your progress!

~Day 3/120 Project Fabulous  (I’d really like to have a countdown ticker but can’t seem to get one to work right…anyone out there who would like to help? I’ll be forever thank*full and give you a special shout it too!)

Tuesday Tuesday…

I really need to put “write new blog post” on my color coded calendar that prompts my every activity nowadays.  Although it took me several hours, the purchasing of 2 different calendar apps and several not so nice words I now see my calendar with all its colors on my phone and ipad.  It’s a really good thing because in my quest for organization I became so FIXATED on the color coding that without it I was doing zilch, nada, nothing.
I am now even sharing calendars with J.  I say “calendars” because my color coded calendar is actual a combination of 5 calendars:  mine, Lovebugs, Bugs, J’s and Family.  Each of us has our own color:  purple, pink, blue, brown and red.  When I “shared” it with J he confirmed what I had feared that I should be able to see colors within my 1 calendar instead of merging 5 together.  Should is the key word because in my fixated and frustrated world, setting up individual calendars and merging them was simpler than continuing the enormously irritating task of figuring out why I couldn’t make it work!  Ugh!

But now I have a very lovely color coded calendar that tells me when to exercise, when to shower, when to do laundry, when to work, when to do cool stuff with the Bugs and even when to just chill.  Sad I know that this is what makes me smile.  it’s not perfect.  I still get sidetracked and decide to do something off task but now I have a tool to help keep me focused and at least keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing!

So try it and see how you like being organized.  What are some of your best tips on being better organized?

Monday Madness

mugWow I really need to get better at this daily blogging bit!  I’ll blame it on the plague that blanketed my house this past week.  My normally healthy and resilient J was struck down by the F-L-U…didn’t even get out of bed from 8pm Monday until dinnertime on Wednesday (which just happened to be my birthday) at which time he came downstairs for a whole 15 minutes before almost collapsing and having to return to bed for the next 2 days.  Yep…he was still sick the next day which by all calculations was February 14th otherwise known as Valentines Day.  He managed about an hour downstairs but it took everything out of him.  So…I celebrated my birthday AND valentines day with my Bugs ❤  They made both days super special and their smiles and love melted my heart over and over those two days.  We ate cake (thanks Dad & Jill!… No one else came because no one wanted to get the FLU) and snuggled together on the couch.  And on valentines day they made me special valentine pictures ❤  Maybe next year I’ll get to share those days with J too…

Flash forward to today…welcome Monday Madness!  Monday is one of my busiest days…add Bug staying home from school sick and it was truly Monday Madness!  I spent the morning taking Bug to the doctor…clear lungs thank goodness…then home to do some work and TRY to get Bug to rest while checking on J who was home, feeling a bit better but coughing like crazy so causing me to worry.  Whew! If that’s not a run on sentence (and busy morning) I don’t know what is!  But somehow today didn’t seem too overwhelming at all.  I’m not sure why… but I think it was partly because today I was better organized and had a plan.  Granted I had to adjust my organized plan a bit throughout the day…but I had one nonetheless.  What plan you ask? (insert drumroll here please….) I am now the proud user of a color coded calendar with daily task list.  I know…very Left Brain of me but it’s COLOR CODED so that makes my creative Right Brain very happy 🙂  I’m hoping that even though my calendar has very little unused space, particularly this week, that having a plan will help me be focused and productive instead of anxious and overwhelmed.  We will see…I have daily time to update this blog on my calendar 🙂