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Great Day for Ice Cream

Every year I ask my bugs to make a summer bucket list.  They’ve done this the past 3 or 4 years.  Past lists have included things like:  pick strawberries, go bowling, make ice cream sundaes, go to skyzone, eat at five guys, have family game night, go to the movies, etc.  There have been very few items (if any) that we haven’t been able to cross off the list by end of the summer.  This year, however, I was facing some  resistance to making the list 😦  So this year I decided that we would do something a little different.  This year we would visit (and taste test) The Top 10 Ice Cream Parlors in PA, eat at The Top 10 Burger Joints in PA and hike The Top 10 Trails under 5 miles in PA.  I shared my idea with the kids and they weren’t quite sure about it… we have 13 weeks of summer so if we are going to do it all we will need to check off 1 from each list each week or so.  We are at the end of week #1 already!

Today we are able to check off the first on our list of 10 Best Ice Cream Parlors in PA:  The Udder Choice in Ephrata, PA.  We put our list together using several lists we found online.  We originally found the list on http://www.onlyinyourstate.com but some of the ice cream parlors listed were either closed or too far so we compiled our own list from there and a more local “best of” list.

The Udder Choice, Ephrata PA

The Udder Choice is located on Rt 322 in Ephrata, PA.  They have a restaurant with a variety of sandwiches and salads too although Bug #2 was extremely disappointed that there were no burgers on the menu!  There were about 10 soups of the day with Parmesan Kale being one of them which sounded delicious to me!  Since we hadn’t really eaten much for breakfast we did order some lunch. Bug #1 approved of the grilled cheese sandwich and Bug #2 thought the chef salad he ordered was “the best salad ever!”


But the real reason we were there was the ice cream!  We even told our server how we were going around PA to the best ice cream parlors and The Udder Choice was our first! He thought it was a pretty cool idea and when we paid for our food afterwards, another staff person said that he told her about our plan and that the two of them were going to do the same! (If either of you are reading this – leave us a note!) Anyway back to the ice cream!

The flavors change and if you want to sample any you can go up to the counter and ask to try out a flavor or two! I think the Bugs would have sampled EVERY flavor so since they were pretty “normal” flavors I told them no samples. So here’s what we selected:

Bug #1 Review:  “I think this might be the best coffee ice cream!”  Scale of 1-5*: 5

Bug #2 Review:  “This is the best mint flavor ever! You can taste that it is real mint and not the artificial flavor!”  Scale of 1-5*:  5

#3 Review: “The ice cream is super creamy!  It was a nice chocolate flavor but I would have liked more peanut butter.”  Scale of 1-5*: 4

Ways we think it could be better:  The ice cream was super soft, almost melting a little when we got it.  We thought if the ice cream was a little colder it would have been even better!

OVERALL RATING*:  4.7       (Our ice cream rating scale is at the end of this post!)

We really liked how creamy the ice cream was and how the flavors tasted REAL not artificial! There was a large selection of flavors like Oreo, s’mores, vanilla & chocolate (of course!), peanut butter and others!  We think you’d love the ice cream…if you go tell them you read about our ice cream review!


*Our Ice Cream Rating Scale

  1. Awful…do not want
  2. Blah…only make the trip if you’re a super fan of the flavor or think the establishment theme is worth the trip
  3. Ehh…just ok could take it or leave it.
  4. Above Average…excellent flavor.  We think you should try it!
  5. Amazing!  You MUST try this ice cream…NOW!!!!