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Mission: Organization

I’d like to think of myself as “creatively organized.”  I’ve got all the resources, the ideas, the tools to be super uber organized.  I teach other people how to organize all sorts of things in their lives.  Key words are “other people…”  MY organization is less…obviously organized.  I’ve always said that I’m very right brained…I brainstorm with clouds and colors.  No bullet points and black pens for me!  That still works for me with some things but scattered piles of color*full…stuff…needs a little more structure.

I tried using electronic planners but they did.not.work.for.me.  Too blah…too whatever.  I like to see color and write with color and see things written out.  Every day/week I add some features to my planner.  This is what this week looks like in my current planner:


I have a column for my business,  a column for Home Tasks (I’m keeping a numbered countdown for Project Fabulous), a column for Personal, for J, for Bug and for LoveBug.  Everyone has their own colors too.  This has been working ok for me but not perfectly.  I have some ideas on how to make my planner work better for me – include more of the things I need to keep track of….  and I need to get REALLY ORGANIZED if I’m going to be fabulous!

The “total organization” is going to take more than just a day…more than just one project.  So stay tuned for multiple organization projects and posts…I’ll document it all because there are bound to be major fails along the way.  With 2 kiddos, a great dane puppy who is quickly outgrowing and getting into EVERYTHING and a husband who has lots of interests…there is a LOT of “stuff” to get organized in this house!

I’ll be working on this schedule if you’d like to accept the mission and join me:

  1. Car Organization  (might seem unnecessary but if you have kids who like to hoard things in the car you will TOTALLY understand the need for this one!)  
  2. Planner Organization
  3. Craft Room Organization
  4. Budget Organization
  5. Laundry Room Organization
  6. Bathroom Organization
  7. Pantry Organization
  8. Kitchen Organization
  9. Living Room Organization
  10. Closet Organization
  11. Bedroom Organization
  12. Basement Organization

Want to join me on this mission?  Comment below, follow the posts and share your progress!

~Day 3/120 Project Fabulous  (I’d really like to have a countdown ticker but can’t seem to get one to work right…anyone out there who would like to help? I’ll be forever thank*full and give you a special shout it too!)

Tuesday Tuesday…

I really need to put “write new blog post” on my color coded calendar that prompts my every activity nowadays.  Although it took me several hours, the purchasing of 2 different calendar apps and several not so nice words I now see my calendar with all its colors on my phone and ipad.  It’s a really good thing because in my quest for organization I became so FIXATED on the color coding that without it I was doing zilch, nada, nothing.
I am now even sharing calendars with J.  I say “calendars” because my color coded calendar is actual a combination of 5 calendars:  mine, Lovebugs, Bugs, J’s and Family.  Each of us has our own color:  purple, pink, blue, brown and red.  When I “shared” it with J he confirmed what I had feared that I should be able to see colors within my 1 calendar instead of merging 5 together.  Should is the key word because in my fixated and frustrated world, setting up individual calendars and merging them was simpler than continuing the enormously irritating task of figuring out why I couldn’t make it work!  Ugh!

But now I have a very lovely color coded calendar that tells me when to exercise, when to shower, when to do laundry, when to work, when to do cool stuff with the Bugs and even when to just chill.  Sad I know that this is what makes me smile.  it’s not perfect.  I still get sidetracked and decide to do something off task but now I have a tool to help keep me focused and at least keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing!

So try it and see how you like being organized.  What are some of your best tips on being better organized?

Monday Madness

Why are Mondays busier then other days?  I mean there are still 24 hours and quite honestly my calendar has a lot more white space on Monday then on a Tuesday.  But Monday always feels too short like time moved faster and somehow we lost a few hours…
I’ve been thinking it has to be a time management issue.  So this week I pre-organized my week a bit.  I updated my Google calendar, color coding everyone’s activities (I’m purple, J is blue, LoveBug is light red which looks like pink and Bug is green.)  I “scheduled” daily activities that I wasn’t before:  cleaning bathroom, vaccum bedrooms, walk the dog (a new activity along with outside running time for Bug…lol), food shopping, family meal planning, etc.  I downloaded an app on my phone for my Google calendar but I can’t see the color coded time blocks.  I’m thinking I need the paid version of the app for that.  I’ll add that to my list because the color blocking is what makes the left brained calendar mapping fun for my right brained self!  Even without the colors, I’m hoping that by assigning everything time it will help me stay better focused on tasks and maybe Monday’s won’t feel so incredibly busy!  I’ll report back at the end of the week.

How do you stay organized?  Do you have a daily plan?  Are you able to see color blocking on your calendar on your smart phone??

Random Thoughts…

Wow…I didn’t realize that an entire week had passed since last posting! I have to get a better self schedule! Any tips on time management and productive daily schedules from you Type A people out there? Because even with the best intentions, I start task #1 and end up getting distracted by tasks #2, #3 and #4 only to then think of a few extras. At the end of the day my list has grown and I’ve started multiple items and finished none 😦

So since a week has passed, let’s get caught up…Girl Scout Cookie Time started (joy of joys – I’m Cookie Mom…again),  LoveBug sprained her wrist, I committed to getting healthy and fit with a great friend (who will absolutely hold me accountable!),  I catered an event for 75 people, I helped work a PTC fundraiser event with the Harlem Wizards, had a snow (really ice) day with the Bugs during which I played referee for a good solid 5 hours of the day.  That brings us to today!

So here are a few of my random thoughts for today  (and please…don’t judge me…these really are the things that have been on my mind today!)

  • how does laundry seem to just multiply and grow no matter how much time is spent on it???  (I’m convinced my friend M is MAGIC because she has been known to do at LEAST 8 loads of laundry plus clean the entire house in less than 6 hours!!  She is A-MAZING … please use a sing song voice when reading…)
  • why are little boys so incredibly gross???
  • is it wrong to want to just curl up under a big soft blanket for a few hours?
  • i’ve always said a little dirt won’t hurt…which is good considering Bug is so gross most of the time…but a restaurant that charges $100+ for dishes consisting of the stuff???  A french restaurant in Japan, aptly named Ne Quittez Pas (translated to “please don’t leave.”  seriously..enough said) is doing just that!  absolutely ridiculous if you ask me…which no one did but oh well.  Apparently the “dirt” consists of coffee grounds and palm fiber.  So I guess it’s fancy dirt so that makes it ok.
  • why are little boys so incredibly GROSS??!!!???  (yes for the 2nd time)
  • i love bartering and trading
  • it’s so sad how little money from girl scout cookie sales go to the troops…at least in our troop which has only 5 girls
  • i am so thank*full for coffee
  • WHY for the love of everything holy, WHY ARE LITTLE BOYS SO GROSS?????